I’m Shauna, the owner/founder of Mia Mama Fitness. That’s me on the far right with the huge grin on my face. (This was taken at my first Mia Mama Fitness class, so I was pretty excited)  I have four great kids of my own, and I’ve been a labor nurse since 1999 so I really understand where you are and what you might be feeling.  After going through all my pregnancies, and observing other women as a labor nurse, it became so evident to me that exercise and fitness can make a huge difference in health outcomes for mamas and their babies, yet so many women don’t exercise during this time.  I decided to return to school for an exercise science based degree so I would be qualified to help pregnant and new mamas get this valuable exercise.  I graduated in 2010, became certified as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, and now I’m ready to bring my experience and unique skills to serve you.  Please use me, and then tell other mamas you know about Mia Mama Fitness. Can’t wait to meet you!

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