Don't forget you!

Okay, this is a first for me. I'm writing this post on my IPad because my trusty computer bit the dust and is out of order at the moment. I've promised myself to write consistently, and despite this challenge, and some likely typos, I press on!

I thought about the many topics I've outlined and feel are post worthy, but as it turns out those must wait for another day. In my heart is another matter to cover. It's the proper care and feeding of you! 

It all goes back to my trusty computer that I've come to depend on and let's face it, take for granted. It was not the oldest, but not the youngest machine: You might say at about mid-life age. I was pretty sure it still had years of life left, so didn't think about it much. I just counted on it to be there and functional whenever I needed it, and it has been, until two days ago.

My son tried to do some morning homework and found the computer unresponsive. My husband messed around with it and determined we needed professional help. He offered to run it by our reliable and trustworthy repair shop on his lunch break. I was pretty sure it was nothing big. Maybe a virus or something had invaided and our tech help could clean it up in short order. I called the shop near closing because we had not heard anything yet. It was not good news.

"Looks like you've had a hard drive failure" says the voice on the other end of the phone. I was in disbelieve! So many precious files, pictures, business information on that computer. My heart sank. The guy told me they were in the process of recovering all the data that they could, but unsure of how much could be saved. I thanked him, hung up the phone, and gave my husband a dispairing look. 

All of the sudden I remembered something, and it made me want to kick myself! My oldest son a few weeks prior shouted from across the house that something was up with the computer. I was in the process of getting to bed, so my husband went and took a look. When he came back I inquired what the matter was. "Oh it's just one of those warnings to back up data, something to do with imminent hard drive failure." I was concerned, but my husband reminded me our previous computer popped those messages up for months before it finally crashed. "We'll handle it, we've got time." With those words of assurance, the matter slipped my mind, until this moment! 

So, I sit and wait to find out what we have saved, and what we have lost. Not a fun thing, especially knowing had I been more proactive, I could have moved files to our external hard drive and avoided this whole mess. With proper maintainance and taking the warming seriously, this would be an easy fix.

So, what might this have to do with you, and me? I'm pretty sure you are bright enough to see my metaphor, but I'll illustrate it anyway. We must be careful with ourselves and listen to the warning signs that we are near system failure. As mothers, we push ourselves from day to day, because people count on us. Perhaps we push too fast, too far, and too long before we realize we are facing emergency shut down. I've had those moments, and they are not fun. When I look back at the days and weeks prior to my emotional, or physical collapse, there were warning signs that I chose to ignore. I can do that later, no time now. Problem is, later never seems to come. We are busy, sometimes too busy for our own good. We must not be too busy to do regular maintainance on ourselves. 

The maintinance we require will differ from another, and they don't have to be complicated or expensive things. Taking the time to pray or meditate. Carving out time to exercise and release all those healing endorphins. Making time for something you love, something that feeds your soul. A mere few minutes to center and ground yourself. You are wise. You know what you need. Please give yourself time and permission to do this regular maintinance. By so doing you will be stronger and more fit to the task of raising your family, doing the work you love, and making sure you can keep doing it. And if you're dumb like me, and ignore your warning signs too long, there is a fix. It might take a while, perhaps longer than you'd like, but get some help to get back up and running. Now go paint or something! ;-)