Every time a baby is born, so is a mother.

I feel so grateful and excited to finally begin this journey that has been about five years in the making. With the encouragement of my brother, husband, and others, I have come to the surreal moment when this dream is transforming into reality. March 5th, Mia Mama Fitness LLC is open for business! To be truthful, I'm a little nervous as I step onto this path because  I cannot clearly seeing the course before me, but I am confident it will lead to an amazing place. I am determined to help new and pregnant mamas become stronger and more fit by offering exercise programs that are customized just for them.

Mothers are amazing, and every time a baby is born, so is a mother. Mamas are the ultimate mentors to their children and teach in powerful ways through example. Sometimes this is a fact I wish could be selectively changed when I do or say things I would not wish my children to emulate. The flip side, however, is wonderful and amazing. As I work to do the best I can, to be a healthy example, I look over my shoulder and pray my children are watching me. This example will change who they will become, and my greatest hope is they will be set on a healthy path as they observe my efforts to treat my body and spirit well through proper nutrition and exercise.

I know mothers are the key to reversing the tide of inactivity and obesity in this county. It is my passion to make a difference and empower women during an amazing and formative time of life. Women, our hands are on the helm to the future and we have a tremendous influence to steer into into a proper course. It is the deepest desire of my heart to make a healthy difference in the lives of mamas and babies. I could not be more excited!