Time Flies

Where did June go? Holy cow, this summer is just cruising on by! Time is a funny thing. Sometimes we feel it grinds by slowly, or it hurls us along at neck breaking speed. Usually we don't seem to have enough of it, yet all of us are given the same amount of hours and minutes as the next mama. How we spend our time determines who we are and who we will become. I would argue it also shapes our children, and even their children.

Since time is precious gift, how we use it should be a conscious and thoughtful decision. Finding time to exercise and be physically active seems to be more and more difficult in the hectic era in which we live. We are busy, yet less and less physically active.

As a young mom, it's so tempting to just let the current of life take you along; figuring when your kids are older it will be easier to find the time to care for yourself and exercise your body. This is a myth! While the level of physical dependency very young children require is greater than when they get older, it is never convenient to break away from mothering duties and invest time in yourself. It is time YOU must carve out and set aside; it never magically appears on your doorstep and begs your attention. Getting in the habit of exercise now, rather than putting it off for a better time will ensure you are laying a strong and healthy foundation for you and your family. The amount of time you can spend exercising and the nature of that exercise will change as time goes on. Just focus on incorporating physical activity into your life now, no matter how great or small that length of time may be at present. Your effort will pay off!

Most people need a little extra nudge to adopt healthy lifestyle practices, like exercise. Personally, the accountability an exercise group provides helps me maintain some consistency in my exercise routine. Even as a fitness professional, I struggle to do solo workouts. Adding a social component to exercise can make it more enjoyable and increases your odds of sticking with it. I started Mia Mama Fitness out of the sincere desire to help mamas and babies optimize their health, and the belief that organized exercise providing positive social interaction is an especially great thing for new and pregnant mamas. It is fun working out with women you can relate to!

In conclusion, I believe that anything you find to be truly valuable, you will find time to do. Is there value in exercise for you? Do you see the dividends it can pay? I hope you can. If you can't, my next blog post will focus on the benefits exercise offers you and your family, and some tips and tricks to fitting it into your day. I encourage you to look at the full website, and check out the classes we offer.  If free speaks to you, our Tone & Stroll class is an outdoor walking class that will cost you nothing but your time. I hope to see you there as we shape healthy futures, one mama at a time!