Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Programs


Personal Training

(Get some one-on-one fitness help)

- 8 session bundle = $350.00 (a discount of $50.00)

- 4 session bundle = $175.00 (a discount of $25.00)

- 1 hour Personal Training Session = $50.00     

- 1 hour Personal Training session with take-home workouts designed for you = $100.00




Distance Personal Training

Do you want personal training, but can't afford it? Would you love the support a group personal training class would offer, but it doesn't fit into your schedule or you live too far away? The support and guidance distance personal training provides is right up your ally! You'll never wonder how to best make use of your exercise time, and you'll get the personal help and attention to make your workouts meet your unique needs. All you need is an internet connection to get the accountability, tools, and support to make your exercise safe and effective.

 8 weeks of workouts = $120.00




Group Personal Training Class

Pregnant or new mama? Come join us for a complete workout that mixes cardio and resistance training designed to help you feel better and more confident as you strut your mama stuff.  Think of it as personal training, but with your mama friends. It's designed to be safe and effective at every phase of your motherhood journey.

Ogden class held Tuesday/Thursday at 6:00 pm

 1325 Washington Blvd. in Ogden, UT (Within Waterfall Canyon School)


Discounted Special Trial Offer

-2 class Group Personal Training Class Pass- $5.00 at $2.50 per visit


Week Passes

 -4 weeks of Group Personal Training Class- $120.00 at $15 per visit

 -8 weeks of Group Personal Training Class- $190.00 at $12 per visit

-12 weeks of Group Personal Training Class- $240.00 at $10 per visit

-Perfect Pregnancy Pass (remaining weeks of your pregnancy) - $500.00 at as low as $8 per visit